Chainsaw Carved Sculptures

Elegant Chainsaw Carvings offers a wide range of services, including bespoke carved sculptures for your home, garden, park, public places etc. ECC is also available for demonstrations. We are based in Manchester, but will travel throughout the UK. Enquiries from local authorities are most welcome.

Chainsaw Carved Sculptures

Stump Jobs

A large percentage of my work involves stump jobs, if you have a tree stump or tree to be felled then please contact me, no stump in your garden, no problem I can install one for you, indoor carvings are also available as-well as individual orders.

Stone & Marble Carvings

We can provide fine art carvings, in stone and marble, small and large, feel free to take a look in the stone carving gallery, there you can see the beautiful detail in Karls work, please contact me for a consultation.


With such a wide range of carvings, costing is based on custom requirements, i.e. size and overall configuration. Once all requirements have been discussed an accurate costing can then be achieved.

Generally my carvings can start from as low as £100

For further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to commissioning your sculpture.