Chainsaw Carver, Across the UK

Karl Macauley

My name is Karl Macauley and I am chainsaw and wood carver

As a boy I was constantly painting and drawing, before long I was learning to carve wood and stone. After favorable comments from friends and family, I decided to take carving seriously and taught myself the art of wood and stone carving.

During this time I bought a chainsaw, at first using it to cut the negative space away from the wood, it wasn't long before I realised, I was a chainsaw carver. That was just the start. Over the years I have experimented with different finishes and textures, applying them to my carvings to create remarkable finishes.

I enjoy living and working in a natural environment the trees I tend to carve are either felled because of disease or have fallen because of wind damage.or need to be felled because of environmental reasons

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